The Mission

So what do you do, if you're Spotify with a wealth of user's listening habits and want to show those individuals their true colors? Well, you call up Disney and match those users up to the latest and greatest franchise in the world: Star Wars.

Okay, you've got a great idea, and an awesome team to help process the raw data into a refined data set. So now the problem's finding someone with the creativity, ingenuity, and know-how to get it all done under a tight deadline and ? Well, that's a problem with an easy solution: Us.

The Work

We were faced with a major constraint on this project: time. From the time we received the project to launch, we had roughly 6 weeks to design, structure, and build a unique and engaging user experience. This spurred us to take a novel approach -- namely, start development before finalized designs. Normally a guaranteed way to frustrate both design and development teams, through discussion and a little experimentation we were able to iron out the featuresets and desired rough functionality of the site. While the design team hammered out the final details of the visual presentation, development was able to get a running start on how to structure and build their site to modular approach as necessary.

This project came with a number of unexpected issues. First, we had to deal with rapid deployment of data measuring in the gigabytes into remote servers, integration via multiple developers working on different sections,

The Result

DISCLAIMER: logging in will produce a random artist, due to size constraints on this staging server.