The Mission

Spotify had a problem. Namely, how to highlight who was listening to their platform, and how to convey their ability to highlight products to those users.

So they needed an easy to understand, intuitive tool that everyone can use, but that can be especially highlighted by their sales team to show just how effective their platform can be to highlight customer's products. That's where we came in.

The Work

The tool was a challenge to build, not only in terms of data organization but in terms of effective user flow and management. The tool had to cover multiple bases: Business to Business, Customer to Customer, and casual browsing. The various expansions of this tool also developed into a new, unique workflow: how do we keep deploying improvements on this platform while keeping development from overlapping and stepping on it's toes?

The main issue we ran into was when to expand existing functionality, and when to abandon certain coding paradigms in favor of more consistent styling and ease of on-boarding with new developers. This involved parsing and discussing with management about feasibility, and on occasion re-addressing deadlines and when deliverables will be able to present.

The Product

While it's still a work in progress, the current iteration is a solid example of a burgeoning microservice multipurpose MEAN application. We built out a tool inside the app to help with data consistency, which eventually grew into an importing tool as well. Not to mention it looks really, really cool.

The Result